What is 1,000,000 Green Home supply project?
A project that supports portion of a cost for equipment installation to extend national use of Photovoltaic system, build stable investment environment of related companies, lead creation and extension of Photovoltaic market, and be mid- and long-run export area via tech development. It applies to general housing, co-ops, and national rental housing

Solar-powered house

A system that installs solar module inverters that convert solar energy to electric energy at general housing and transmits leftover power to KEPCO and get power from KEPCO at night or bad weather.

Solar Cell: device that generates electricity by the photoelectric effect under sunlight
Inverter: device that converts DC to AC.

General housing, co-ops: support max 60% of equipment installation cost (new and renewable Energy Center)
Project Supply Photovoltaic to national rental housing: Run by Korea national Housing Corporation

1. Request quotation to SolarTech, Inc.
2. Installation agreement
3. Carry out installation
4. Inspection by KEPCO before use
5. Check equipment installation by Korea Energy Management Corporation.
6. Give a subsidy and provide customer service

Owner of a house that is registered “to live” in a register book and has an agreement with KEPCO as “for living.”

Recommendations : Installation capacity of Photovoltaic system for housing
Photovoltaic capacity(kw) 2.0 2.5 3.0
Usage (kwh/month)
Less than 300 0    
More than or equal to 300 ~ less than 350   0  
More than or equal to 350     0
  • These are recommendations and not requirements.

  • Outcome (Expectation)
    Electric bill of a house whose monthly usage is 480kwh
    - Before installation: 103,660 Korean Won/month
    - After installation: 19,070 Korean Won/month

    Contact, sales department : +82-31-467-3371~3
    Email : stsales@solar-tech.co.kr